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Our Mission

Forgotten Fun

Forgotten Fun was born out of the idea that if we start with fun, everything else can easily follow. It is the essence that creates the space for connection and presence. It highlights what we need more of and helps us develop a healthier relationship with accepting or letting go of what no longer serves us. As a team, we are passionate about creating spaces that bring out the best in ourselves and others, creating flow and balance, laughter and curiosity, a foundation of fun is a firm foundation to build from.  Fun is meaningful. It is key to finding balance, stability, creativity and increased productivity in an ever changing and uncertain world.

Foundations of Fun!







There is a growing urgency for connection in the world we live in. A world that is disconnected leaves people feeling disengaged, lonely and even isolated.  As human beings we are wired for connection and community, for social engagement. We believe that this is a basic human need,  a need that in many ways is currently not being met in the workplace and beyond. We are here to change this, through the medium of fun and joy.

 Why fun? Fun and play brings people together: it relaxes, it releases oxytocin, it builds new neural pathways, it boosts creativity, it allows the body to lead, it creates a sense of presence and cohesion in groups, it calms, it creates opportunity and it builds resilience. It helps us to learn and grow together. 

As children, play is how we learn to collaborate, create, empathise and problem solve.  It awakens the parts of our brains that make possible the creation of art, music, architecture, scientific discoveries and human advances.


So why do we pay less attention to fun and play as we get older? It feels like adulting has paved the way for seriousness, with worry and anxiety too often predominating in our lives. When we are in this place, we may experience feelings of stagnation or stuckness as we are not producing enough of the right chemicals and neurotransmitters for energy, momentum and motivation. When we live in a culture where busyness is prioritised the result is adults who have significantly less time to let their hair down. And what we need more than ever are joyful adults who can continue to pass on a sense of fun, wonder and curiosity to future generations.   We believe that activities where joy and play are at the centre are some of the most beneficial to engage in. We believe it offers us a chance to experience new ways of being and in turn leads to richer and fuller lives. 


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