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Have you been forgetting to schedule time for fun?

Has fun been at the bottom of your priority list lately?

Has hybrid working or work in general left you feeling a bit depleted?

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little disconnected or uninspired of late?


Come to our Spring Retreat!

Give yourself a Really Joyful Day of creativity, well-being and play. Leave with some tips on how to infuse that into your day-to-day for long lasting joy.


Forgotten Fun was born out of the idea that if we start with fun, everything else can follow.

Let us help guide you back to fun, to reconnect with yourself and others, to move through the heavy into a lighter more playful space.


We are joining forces with Ecstatic Playground, whose mission is to show people how to live this glorious human experience ecstatically and approach life with a playful attitude.


Come and join The Really Joyful Retreat, where a smorgasbord of joy-inducing activities awaits,  to help you to get back to rediscovering yourself and bringing that spring back into your step.


Allow our highly experienced facilitators of fun Sasha, Kata and Iona to get you breathing, connecting, playing, moving, and creating in a whole new way in a safe and friendly environment. Where well-being meets connection meets community meets mini festival vibes meets sustainable and lasting tools to set you up for the rest of the year.


What will the day look like we hear you say?


The day runs from 11am to 6pm. If you can aim to arrive 10 minutes before we get started for a comfortable ease into the morning.

The day will be divided into five workshops with moments of social fun as well as self-reflection and well-being practices. We have designed the day with the body in mind. We believe that the body often has the answers, when the thinking mind has been taking over. Our series of fun workshops leads us at a timely pace into the dance, putting everything into practice and finding a place to properly let our hair down and let go.


There is also an after party The Ridiculously Fun Party that you are invited to, free for all retreat participants… if you want to keep the fun flowing - come and join us for an uplifting and unique experience.

FYI - this is an alcohol free event - there will be delicious non alcoholic drinks and elixirs available.

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